Saturday, July 1, 2017

Adding A Kid’s Art Gallery To Your Home

Do your kids love to paint, draw, or color? Are they constantly making new works of art for you to hang on the fridge, or put on your desk at work?

Art is a great way for kids to use their imagination and express themselves. When they create a new work of art, what better way to boost their confidence than by showcasing their work in their very own art studio?

Our friends at An Everyday Story created a gallery in their home, and it turned out beautifully! A place to share your child’s art will not only make he or she feel proud, but add a really personal touch to your home decor.

A home art gallery can be a space to observe your child’s growth – you can keep drawings and colored pictures up for months to see how he or she is improving over time, and to keep as keepsakes when he or she gets a little older.

Here are some easy options to create your art gallery:

  1. String/yarn and clothespins
  2. Picture frames and nails
  3. Cork board and thumbtacks
  4. GoodHangups (removable and reusable stickers)
String and clothespins is the easiest option. To start, tie a loop at one end of the string or yarn, and use a nail or thumbtack to keep this part in place. Do the same thing at the other end of the string. Once your line is in place, you can pin your child’s works of art to the line with clothespins!

Picture frames and nails are sturdier, but your child probably won’t be able to hang their art on their own, as they could with a clothespin. Picture frames look a little more professional, however, and wooden frames that your child can paint are relatively cheap at the craft store.

Corkboard and thumbtacks also require a little supervision, but can be a good alternative to putting holes in the walls of your home.

Finally, GoodHangups are a brand of reusable, removable stickers that are great for hanging art on the wall! These stickers won’t damage your paint, and can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as brick, concrete, wood, and even textured walls.

To learn more about how we use arts and crafts at Little Angels, visit our website! As the trusted and preferred day care in Ann Arbor, we love using our imaginations with children! Call us today and schedule a tour to learn more.

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