Friday, December 11, 2015

Shape Matchup Activity!

Want to set your child up for success by teaching him or her all about shapes?

Can your child already recognize certain shapes because of everyday items found around your house?

Is your child aware of different size objects around your home?

We recommend a great activity to practice shapes and sizes by Trish Kuffner, found on

  • Colored construction paper 
  • White construction paper 
  • Pen or marker 
  • Scissors 
  1. Cut basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, heart, and so on) out of colored construction paper. 
  2. Trace all the shapes onto a piece of white construction paper. 
  3. Have your child match the colored shapes to those drawn on the white paper.  
This might seem like just a fun playtime activity, but you’re really helping your child to be set up for success. Want your child to be the next great mathematician? The earlier fundamentals are learned, the better your child will perform in school and beyond! This shape matchup activity helps develop your child’s cognitive senses for math concepts from geometry to sorting and patterning.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Little Angels Preschool in Ypsilanti utilizes the Reggio Approach

"The value of a toy is not merely in the having of the toy; it is realized when a child plays. The right toy played with at the right time elicits the joy and wonder of learning."


Julie Schneider,

Little Angels Preschool in Ypsilanti is working to become a Reggio inspired learning community. We know that children learn best when they are challenged to think for themselves. Kodo Kids equipment offers high quality tools for study. 

Children must be given the opportunity to the experience of empowerment. These tools allow team work, or a chance to work alone.
Children need to develop problem solving skills using past knowledge, trial and error, and logic. When a child is able to succeed at moving the water from point A to point B they are struck with pride and accomplishment. They continue to try new things, learn perseverance.

preschool Ypsilanti

In an ever changing world we must learn to adapt, using tools with multiple uses or solutions shows children there can be many answers to the same problem.

We need your help to better our learning community. “With donations from Go Fund Me for the Kodo Kids equipment our hope is to fully enrich the lives of individuals in our community by developing problem solving and adaptation skills”, says Diana, Director of Little Angels Preschool & Daycare in Ypsilanti.

Any donations are well appreciated, as it gets us one step closer to becoming a Reggio inspired learning community! Donate on our Go Fund Me page here:  

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