Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Practicing Words With Loose Parts

An interest in reading and writing may start early in some children, but developing small muscles may lead to frustration when the children can not accurately produce the symbol of their choosing. If your child likes to do puzzles or work with blocks and shapes, there’s an activity that could help them learn to spell at the same time!

Our friends at An Everyday Story are raving about Spielgaben, which is essentially a set of materials in curved and straight lines to mimic parts of letters. Your son or daughter can look at a word in front of them, and then re-create the word using these pieces.

Instead of spending money on a kit like this, you can use natural materials and craft materials, such as sticks, pipe-cleaners and even cut pieces of thick construction paper.

This activity encourages freethinking and requires your child to use their problem solving skills to choose the correct shaped pieces to form the word. Once they create it using the materials, try to get them to write it on a lined piece of paper.

If your son or daughter likes to create patterns, this activity would be perfect for them!

To find out more about how to encourage your kids to be creative while learning, visit our website! We believe in a natural play philosophy at Little Angels and want to encourage your child to use his or her imagination at all times.

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