Friday, June 8, 2018

What Does "Reggio" Mean?

Little Angels Preschool & Daycare in Ann Arbor is  a Reggio inspired learning community! We know that children learn best when they are challenged to think for themselves.

Children must be given the opportunity to the experience of empowerment. These tools allow team work, or a chance to work alone. Children need to develop problem solving skills using past knowledge, trial and error, and logic.

We strongly believe that children learn best through experiences and a balanced program that includes a negotiated curriculum of both teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Our teachers are co-collaborators with children. They act as guides, mentors, and models, as we observe reflect, and hypothesize.

Our commitment is to foster an open and cooperative relationship between home, school, and community. Little Angels seeks to be responsive to families’ needs. It is our desire to have parents, teachers, and staff work together to build a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

How to End the Pacifier Habit with Your Toddler

Pacifiers, or “binkies” are your child’s first loves. For many parents, this is the first tough decision you’ll have to make – when to introduce a pacifier, and when to take it away. Pacifiers are often used to soothe colicky babies, and it’s okay to feel relief when you hand your child a binkie mid-meltdown.

So, how do you know when the right time is to take a pacifier away? First, you should make sure you’re making safe choices when using a pacifier in the first place, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Look for a one-piece model because two-piece models can break apart
  • The shield should be at least 1 inch across so your baby can’t swallow it
  • Get a dishwasher safe pacifier for regular washes
  • Inspect pacifiers regularly for damage and replace them when the rubber starts to change color or tear

Weaning Your Child Off of Pacifiers

Richard Dowell, PhD, a pediatric neuropsychologist at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania says, “Ultimately, children develop higher strategies to manage their distress – usually beginning at around age two. They phase out their pacifiers as they develop skills to replace them.” recommends to start removing the pacifier in “zero-distress” situations, like when you and your child are at home, and happy. Once he or she is used to not having the pacifier at home, try to eliminate use outside of the home.

Try to replace the pacifier with a blanket, or family photo – something that will bring your child comfort as you try to get them to only use the pacifier at home.

Remember: this will be a trying time! Be patient, and don’t give in to temper tantrums. Giving the pacifier back after a tantrum will teach your child that all he or she needs to do to get their way is throw a fit.

For other tips about toddler development, check out our other blog posts and visit our website!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mud Pie Kitchens

Spring is finally here, and as May gets into full swing, lots of rain creates new opportunities for fun and learning outdoors for your toddler. As the seasons change, so does the environment, and so do the types of activities you can do outside with your child.

At Little Angels, we go outside every single day, rain or shine! We value outdoor play as a very important part of a child’s education, and we want to share some fun ways you can incorporate this idea at home, too.

To exercise your child’s imagination and take advantage of spring’s wetter weather, consider making a Mud Pie Kitchen in your backyard!

Outdoor play kitchens are a fun way to use your outdoor space for playtime all year long, and you can find a lot of the materials needed for this space at garage sales. You can also use real pots, pans, pie tins, and cupcake molds that you find second-hand to make the “kitchen” feel more real.

 Use wet sand or dirt and water to have your child get a little dirty and see what they can “cook” for you! Outdoor kitchens are also a great place for picnics and tea parties with friends.

Play stoves are a great addition to these spaces, but small desks or tables and chairs work just as well. This space is all about creativity, so help your toddler decorate the space however he or she wants!

For more outdoor activities and to find out how we use outdoor learning as part of our curriculum at Little Angels, check out other posts on our blog, and visit our website! You can also schedule a tour of our facility to see our outdoor play space.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Week of the Young Child

The Week of the Young Child is an annual event hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) that celebrates young children, early learning, teachers, and families. This year’s event is April 16-20!

NAEYC has nearly 60,000 members and many regional affiliates that work together to “focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families, and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs.”

NAEYC plans the event and the themes for each day, and the individual communities find a way to really bring those events to life for the children.

The themed days this year are:
·         Monday, April 16, 2018: Music Monday
·         Tuesday, April 17, 2018: Tasty Tuesday
·         Wednesday, April 18, 2018: Work Together Wednesday
·         Thursday, April 19, 2018: Artsy Thursday
·         Friday, April 20, 2018: Family Friday

As you celebrate this event with your kids, check out these great resources and events in the Ann Arbor area, and also check out the Michigan Association for the Education of young Children:

 Cooking and Nutrition:

 Building Together:

 Open Ended Art:
 Engaging and Celebrating Families:

At Little Angels Preschool & Daycare, we love to celebrate children and their families, and all the ways that they learn and grow. To find out more about our facility and our teachers, contact us today to schedule a tour!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Child

You lead a busy life when you have a toddler, and the hectic, noisy days can seem to go on and on. However, while the days with your babies or toddlers can seem long, the years will fly by! How can you make sure that you’re spending enough quality time with your children?

Harley A. Rotbart M.D., from Parents Magazine, writes, “Every day brings new growth, new milestones, and new wonderment, but the challenges of juggling our adult lives often prevent us from fully appreciating the delicate nuances of childhood.”

Rotbart recommends these ideas to optimize the time you spend with your kids:

  • Practice parenting meditation: When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to switch into auto pilot with your kids. To try to stay in the moment with your kids, focus on really seeing them, hearing them, understanding them, and really take a minute to be amazed by the little one you’ve created.
  • Take pajama walks: The hour before bedtime can be chaotic, especially with young children. To help them calm down, weather permitting, take a walk in your pajamas! Not only will it give your kids time to decompress, it will also give you time alone with them that might otherwise be spent in front of the TV.
  • Don’t drive everywhere: If you’re able, try to go to the park, or a friend’s house by foot. Walking with your kids is a great way to get exercise, and spend some quality time together.
  • Have a special treat day: Create traditions like having ice-cream sundaes after dinner on Friday nights, or a movie night once per week where you have popcorn. 

The key to all of these tips is to focus on turning every minute you spend with your children during a busy day into a memorable moment, rather than worrying about how much time you can spend each day with them.

At Little Angels, we spend a lot of time promoting friendship, creativity, imagination, and exploring nature. At our preschool in Ann Arbor, we know that every minute your child is learning and growing is important! To learn more about our teaching approach and curriculum, schedule a tour of our facility! Visit our website to learn more.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fun Activities to do in the Snow

Enjoying another Michigan winter? Around here, snow and cold is a way of life. When the temperatures aren’t bitter cold, and the sidewalks are shoveled, it’s time to play!

There are so many great ways to enjoy the outdoors even in cold weather, and has come up with some great activities to make sure you and your child are getting outside for fresh air every day.

Remember: bundle up! Exposed skin in temperatures 20 degrees or below is susceptible to frostbite! Make sure to layer your kids’ clothing. Avoid cotton, as it tends to hold moisture. Keep their body heat up by properly covering their little feet, hands, and heads.

Next up: fun in the snow!

  1. Cool snow critters: take a break from the everyday snowman, and try making animal sculptures out of snow! Long caterpillars will come to life when you use sticks for antennas and pine cones for eyes.
  2. Ice maker: when the temperature drops below freezing, you can blow bubbles with your child and watch them freeze on the end of the wand.
  3. Tic tac snow: Draw a grid in the snow and use crisscrossed sticks and pine cones as game pieces.
  4. For the birds: String cranberries, popcorn, and cereal onto fishing line and decorate the trees. Watch as the birds come for a snack!
  5. Build a fort: You can use sand buckets, loaf pans, and even cut-up empty milk cartons to form the shape of a snow castle!

At Little Angels Preschool & Daycare, we go outside every day (except in the bitter cold, when we utilize the large play space in our building)! At our preschool in Ann Arbor, we’re always trying out fun new games that allow the children to use their imagination.

To find out more about our nature-inspired curriculum, schedule a tour today! You’ll meet our team and see our one of a kind outdoor play area. In addition, make sure to check out our friends at Hike It Baby Ann Arbor, a parent group in the Ann Arbor area focused on getting families outdoors together in a supportive and safe environment.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Simple Ways to Raise Your Child’s Self Esteem

As a parent, having a happy and healthy child is the greatest gift you can be given. A child who feels loved, cared for, and is confident in his or her self-image can grow up to do great things, and have a very successful adult life!

So, how can you give your child the best building blocks for their self-esteem? Raising confident kids can be tricky – you don’t want them to feel like they should have things handed to them, but rather, you probably want them to have the mindset that if they work hard, they can accomplish anything.

At Little Angels, we believe that kids learn by doing. Teaching them to be confident in their own abilities will lead them to feel they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to! came up with a list of do’s and don’ts in order to boost your child’s self-esteem:

•    Do give children choices! Giving your kids choices (within reasonable options that you’ve thought out beforehand) can make them feel empowered. Start small – offer them a choice of breakfast foods, or a choice of two outfits for school. Learning to make simple choices will help prepare your child for more difficult choices in the future.

•    Don’t do everything for your child. Be patient – let your child work things out. It might be easier and less frustrating for you to just dress your child in the morning, but letting your child do it his or herself can help teach new skills.

•    Do let your child know that no one is perfect! Explain that no one expects your child to be perfect, and that it’s okay to make mistakes. Your child likely learns a lot of reactions from watching you, so be careful about how you react to their mistakes or disappointments.

•    Don’t offer insincere praise. Kids are the masters at detecting compliments or praise that are baseless. Praise your kids often, but be specific! For example, instead of telling your child that their artwork is the “greatest in the world”, try, “I really like how you drew the whole family. You even included details like Daddy’s beard!”

•    Do assign age-appropriate household chores. Giving your kids responsibility for tasks like setting the table, walking the dog, and folding laundry can increase their feelings of competency and help boost their problem-solving skills.

At Little Angels Preschool & Daycare, we believe in letting kids explore their own boundaries while they learn. We teach kids to solve problems, and to try new things each and every day. To find out more about our teaching philosophy and to schedule a tour of our daycare in Ann Arbor, please contact us today!