Tuesday, March 11, 2014

6 Super easy ways to incorporate letter identification to help your child love to read!

Are you looking for simple or fun ways to teach your child letters and words?

Do you want to boost what he or she learns at daycare and preschool?

The time you spend helping your young child learn will pay big dividends when they begin school!
Between the ages of 2 and 3 most children are able to learn letters and numbers.  If your child is younger, it’s just as important to begin reading to them and teaching them words through songs and nursery rhymes.   

Below are a few ideas to try to help your toddler learn his or her ABCs.  Please feel free to comment below and share what you’ve found successful.  
  1. One of the easiest and most practical ways for your child to begin to understand letters is to write their name on all of their artwork.  They will begin to see that letters strung together make words.  
  2. Serve them snacks with letters such as alpha-bits, pasta letters, pancakes or letter cookies.  You can also use cookie cutters for lunch meat, cheese and bread.  
  3. Play alphabet games often.  For example, if your child is named Jacob or Keisha ask them if they know any other words that start with a J or K sound.  
  4. Go to a children’s museum, or a zoo and make sure to point out specific letters like the Z on the zebra habitat.  
  5. Whenever you’re sitting and waiting for an appointment, or your meal to come take that time to scan the area.  For example, there are always signs around that label the EXIT or RESTROOM.  
  6. Play a version of Bingo that looks similar to a Tic-tac-toe game.  Each square would have a different letter.  You could pull out alphabet blocks from a bag and call out the letter.  Your child could look at the letter and see if it matches one on their card.  Once they get three letters in a row, they could win a small prize or money for their piggy bank. 
The staff at Little Angels Preschool & Daycare in Ypsilanti incorporate learning into your child’s daily life.  We’re always happy to share lesson plans and ideas so you can continue the learning at home.  We all need to work together to support your child as they expand their knowledge and grow to be intelligent, respectful, global citizens of the earth! 

You can review a sample lesson plan from Little Angels Preschool & Daycare in Ypsilanti.