Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Mom! Where's your cape?"

Image by Gregoire Guillemin "Secret Hero Life"
Do you sometimes feel like a super hero in disguise? 

You keep your family safe, fed, entertained, and organized, but you tend to put yourself last.  Mom is “WOW” upside down, but it doesn’t mean you need to be 100% perfect 100% of the time.  If you don’t get enough rest and rejuvenation, you could burn out!

It’s so important to not feel guilty when you take some time for yourself.  It will help you de-stress and re-charge, and put you in a better mood.  This will allow you to be happy and present when you’re back in Mom mode. 

The next time you have some time off from work, drop your child off at your favorite preschool and daycare in Ypsilanti…Little Angels Preschool & Daycare!  We’ll keep your child safe and happy which will relieve your mind, so you can focus on treating yourself.  We share a few ideas below on ways to treat yourself without guilt!

  • Read a book for a few hours at a coffee shop or a park. 
  • Take a walk around a park, garden, or zoo.  
  • Paint your toenails and get your feet ready for flip flop weather. 
  • Write in a journal and list everything that you’re grateful for.  
  • Go for a bicycle ride in a park or around your neighborhood.  
  • Call your favorite friend or family member and reminisce.  
  • Visit a history or art museum.  
  • Go to a movie matinee.  
  • Volunteer.  Helping another person has positive results for you and them!  
  • Try your hand at a new craft or home project.  Libraries, craft, and hardware stores often offer inexpensive classes to learn a new hobby.
If you get intimidated about going places by yourself, invite another mom who also needs a break.  Although, it can be therapeutic to take a few hours to be by yourself.  You may enjoy the silence and the solo adventure out and about meeting new people. 

The staff at Little Angels Preschool and Daycare in Ypsilanti knows how hard mothers work.  As Mother’s Day approaches, we want you to know how much we appreciate YOU!  We know you’re a super hero even when you leave your mask and cape at home!  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tips to encourage your child to brush regularly!

Do you struggle getting your child to brush his/her teeth?

When they finally pick up the toothbrush are they brushing correctly and for the recommended time of two minutes?

Are you looking for ideas to help make the process easier and more fun for them and less stressful?

Periodontal disease is becoming more common in children.  In fact over 75% of the American population has some form of the disease.  What’s worse is that periodontal disease is also being linked to more fatal diseases like stroke, cancer, and heart disease.  The first step to decreasing your chance of periodontal disease is good oral hygiene. 

We’ve shared some tips below that may make the routine of getting your kids to brush more enjoyable. 

Little Individuals
  • Kids enjoy having some ownership with making choices.  Allow them to pick out an age-appropriate toothbrush.  There are a variety of toothbrushes available that have characters, lights, music and special designs.  You may want to consider getting an electronic spin brush.  A lot of kids enjoy the vibration as it tickles their teeth and gums.
  • Also consider letting them choose their own flavor of kid’s toothpaste! 
  • Designate a special cup or disposable cups just for them to rinse with. 
  • Use charts and reward stickers that highlight their favorite character, sport or hobby. 
Use Your Imagination
  • Remind children to brush in a circular motion by comparing brushing to wheels from a “choo choo” train or a car.  This may keep them from brushing back and forth, which can irritate or damage gums.   
  • Tell a story or read them a book to explain how sugar makes holes in teeth.  If they need more visual evidence that they aren’t brushing enough, show them the “Pink!” by having them chew a tablet made from a dissolving agent that clings to plaque.  These tablets are available at most pharmacies!
  • Encourage them to make a lot of bubbles and foam when they brush.  You could brush your teeth beside them and have a contest to see who can make the biggest or most bubbles. 
  • Make an imaginary game out of brushing.  For example, the toothbrush could be a super hero, their toothpaste their special power agent, and they could pretend that they’re waging a battle against monster germs and evil cavities. 
Timing is Everything
  • Try using an egg timer to ensure they are brushing the appropriate amount of time.  There are numerous designs to choose from, including frogs, cows and Disney characters. 
  • Sing or play a special song while they brush, and insist that they keep brushing to hear the whole song.  There are also toothbrushes designed to play music or light up while brushing. 
All Together Now
  • Most children want to be like Mom or Dad.  The simple act of brushing your teeth correctly in their company can inspire them to brush, too.  You may want to comment on how fresh and smooth your teeth feel afterward. 
  • Try to make brushing a routine.  Have the whole family brush together after dinner or after their last snack before bed.  It may be helpful to do this at least an hour before bed time before everyone is too tired. 
  • Another fun activity is to allow your child to brush your teeth while you brush theirs.  They may not do much with your brush but it may distract them while you’re brushing theirs.  There’s bound to be lots of giggles! 
  • Allow them to have their favorite stuffed animal with them when they brush.  Get a special brush for them to brush their toy’s teeth. 
Most importantly, remember to praise them when they remember to brush correctly or on their own. 

Have you found a technique that gets your child to brush properly?  Please share it with us below.  

Do you know of a parent looking for a quality daycare or preschool in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor or the surrounding area? Please encourage them to contact us to schedule a tour of Little Angels Preschool & Daycare.