Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Angels Preschool & Daycare Offers Tips on Displaying Your Child's Artwork.

As a parent of a young child, do you receive “works of art” by the hundred during the year?

Do you struggle with displaying or storing his or her projects in your home or office?

Does your child get upset if one of his or her creations is thrown out or mysteriously disappears?

Your child’s  “art” could come in a variety of forms:  a small scribble on notebook paper, a sculpture made out of clay, a hodge-podge of objects all glued together and more.  If you try to keep everything your child makes you will quickly run out of space!  Below are a few ways to archive and display their work, and help you and your child let go of some items. 

Take photos of each piece and store on a digital photo frame or on your computer.  You could print out smaller photos of the artwork and create a scrapbook or collage to display.  You could also use a service like Shutterfly and create a bound book of their favorite drawings, poems, stories etc.  This could be done at the end of each school year to keep track of the growth of your child.  Imagine all of the items you can display during their graduation! 

If they are proud of a special drawing turn it into a: t-shirt, pillow case, coffee mug, puzzle, magnet, or any other object that can be displayed for years to come.  There are companies that can take a drawing and turn it into a stuffed animal or a piece of jewelry. offers a few ideas on displaying children’s artwork. 

We’re also following this great board on Pinterest.  Check it out!

S. Jhoanna Robledo, with, offer’s advice on how to help your child sort their artwork.  She suggests making four piles. 
1.  To be framed
2.  To be stored
3.  To be mailed
4.  To disappear

She recommends that parents sort through their items to demonstrate to their child that there are things to keep, and things to periodically let go of. 

However you decide to store or display your child’s artwork, remember to show your appreciation when they give you a piece of their art.  Your pride will encourage their creativity and foster their self esteem.  In addition, once your child is grown you may want to have a box of keepsakes to help you remember their earlier years. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog.  Please feel free to comment below and share how you display or store your child’s artwork. 

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