Saturday, June 23, 2018

Creating a Natural Play Space at Home

Did your parents ever say “fresh air is good for you?”

Well it turns out our parents were right! Creating a natural outdoor play space in your backyard is easy if you have access to natural materials, which most of us do.

According to, elements to include in your natural outdoor play space should include:

  • Water 
  • Vegetation 
  • Animals
  •  Insects 
  • Sand 
  • Natural Color 
  • Places to sit on, in, under, lean against, provide privacy, shade or shelter 
  • Different levels, nooks, crannies, places to hide 
  • Structures or objects that can be changed, including lots of loose parts 

The outdoors is richer in sensory experiences than are indoor environments. Very young children learn predominately through their sensory and physical experiences, and that learning supports brain development.

Children who have nature experiences demonstrate more advanced cognitive development by improving awareness, reasoning, and observational skills.

At Little Angels Preschool & Daycare in Ann Arbor we focus on growing the WHOLE child, not just academically, but also their character and well-being. Studies have shown that being outdoors is great for your child’s intelligence and their character, as well as their physical and mental health.

Little Angels is dedicated to spending much of your child’s day exploring nature. We feel that it’s the best and most effective way for children to learn and grow. Call (734) 998-0233 to schedule a tour!

Friday, June 8, 2018

What Does "Reggio" Mean?

Little Angels Preschool & Daycare in Ann Arbor is  a Reggio inspired learning community! We know that children learn best when they are challenged to think for themselves.

Children must be given the opportunity to the experience of empowerment. These tools allow team work, or a chance to work alone. Children need to develop problem solving skills using past knowledge, trial and error, and logic.

We strongly believe that children learn best through experiences and a balanced program that includes a negotiated curriculum of both teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Our teachers are co-collaborators with children. They act as guides, mentors, and models, as we observe reflect, and hypothesize.

Our commitment is to foster an open and cooperative relationship between home, school, and community. Little Angels seeks to be responsive to families’ needs. It is our desire to have parents, teachers, and staff work together to build a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

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