Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not All Bugs Are Harmless Advises Daycare in Ypsilanti

Do you ever see a creepy crawler and wonder whether it’s harmful or not?

Do bugs give you the willies?

Whether you’re a person who likes bugs or not, it’s still important that you and your child know which types of bugs are harmful!

Most people, depending on where they live, know whether a bug is unusual for that type of climate and region. But it’s always good to brush up on some bug knowledge. 
Daycare Ypsilanti

According to, there are many bugs that are harmful (you will only find a few of these in Michigan, thank goodness!). The list includes:

  1. Hemiptera – Transmits Chagas Disease.
  2. Giant Japanese or Asian Hornet – Stings have a higher concentration of Acetylcholine than any other stinging insect.
  3. Siafu – Bites can cause asphyxiation in young children and the elderly.
  4. Wasps – Stings can cause people to go into anaphylactic shock.
  5. Locusts – Contribute to starvation because they like to eat crops.
  6. Fire Ants –Bites can swell up into a painful pustule and burn.
  7. TseTse Fly – Carries a deadly sleeping sickness.
  8. Bees – Stings can result in anaphylactic shock causing death.
  9. Fleas – Bites can swell into a pustule and cause allergic reactions.
  10. Anopheles Mosquito - Carries blood-borne diseases, like Malaria.

We hope we didn’t send goose bumps down your back! We hope that you will take this information and be more aware of the types of bugs you find in and around your home in the Ypsilanti area. At Little Angels Preschool & Daycare Ypsilanti, we’re dedicated to our students’ health and well-being. We want to ensure the safety of our students and their families.